Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why does technology hate me?

So I have some statistics homework, involving a seemingly innocuous 10x2 matrix. But surprise! When you try to do some exponential operations on it (ah, exponential distribution, why must you decay so fast?), you get the overflow error in both Matlab and Excel. Damn! If Matlab can invert a gazillion entry matrix, why can't it deal with my puny one? The answer: this problem was never meant to see the light of day. At least, not the light of my day.


Anonymous said...

Like, omg, you fiend. You have succumbed to the pressures of teenage america. Welcome, my friend, welcome.

Soon you'll have a myspace. I'd have to kill you if that happens.


Anonymous said...

Figures I would bow to teenage peer pressure when I'm 22. I blame people like you, Jessie.

Double Love!!!

Anonymous said...

Gloria, you are a freako. Who goes from talking about knitting, pika, and goulet to crazy math matrices? Only you, my crazy friend. "Say hello to my little friend!" I <3 your blog. PS those t-shirts are awesome. You could sell them. Whoever is my secret santa should hire you to make me the Han Solo one!!! PIKA!!!!!!!!!!!! ASIAN AWARENESS!!!!! TINY TEETH!!!! I spend waaay too much time on el internet-o.