Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Day

Today was really hot outside. And of course that means that today was the day we decided to go mini-golfing. At a "Revolutionary War Themed" course, no less. Mike kicked our butts, but I'd like to think that the rest of us (Kerri, Michelle, Gus, and I) took it gracefully. Next weekend Mike and I are going to Cape Cod to meet my family, so it looks like I'm getting my fill of outdoor activity.

As for crafting, I have managed to stencil another couple shirts and sew a tote bag. I'm actually really proud of the latter, because it's the first thing I sewed with a lining that didn't come out totally warped. And I'm almost finished with the first sleeve of the Skully, which means I only have one more sleeve to go before it's done.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I passed both of my generals. Yay for being done with my first year!! And because I haven't shown much in the way of yarn content lately, here's a pic of another crochet clutch I made. It's the In Bloom pattern (again) from the Happy Hooker.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rainy Day

Just sitting about listening to the rain outside. Figures that once the weekend comes, the rain arrives too. Sandra from craftster has asked me to knit her a Skully Sweater from SNB. In return she will make me a bunch of needle felted goodies and a One Skein Wonder. I'm going to swatch for that today. Otherwise, I've been reading Zorro by Isabel Allende (gasp, Gloria is reading something besides a historical mystery!), which is quite good. She has a wonderful way with words and situations, a sort of dry humor. I wish I was fluent enough to read and appreciate her in the original Spanish, but my skill isn't accomplished enough to really get the flow of her work. We used to have to read her in AP Spanish, but it's slow going compared to reading the English translation.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm back

After a weekend spent at my parent's house (which included an unpleasent car trouble surprise, but it's all fixed now), I'm back in Boston. I start my summer job next week, but I'm taking it easy for now. I've been crocheting some, but I can't share because it's for a secret santa type swap at Craftster. But, I did do some stencils for some other swaps (Kill Bill, The Cure, Wonder Woman).