Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Day

Today was really hot outside. And of course that means that today was the day we decided to go mini-golfing. At a "Revolutionary War Themed" course, no less. Mike kicked our butts, but I'd like to think that the rest of us (Kerri, Michelle, Gus, and I) took it gracefully. Next weekend Mike and I are going to Cape Cod to meet my family, so it looks like I'm getting my fill of outdoor activity.

As for crafting, I have managed to stencil another couple shirts and sew a tote bag. I'm actually really proud of the latter, because it's the first thing I sewed with a lining that didn't come out totally warped. And I'm almost finished with the first sleeve of the Skully, which means I only have one more sleeve to go before it's done.

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