Friday, December 02, 2005

Pattern: Bangle Purse

This is a pattern I have played around with for over a year, and I finally have the version down that looks right. As a warning: the knitting involved here is negligible, but the sewing requires more patience.

Yarn: less than a ball of Red Heart Super Saver or a similar cheap-o acrylic
Needles: US 13 straights
Notions: One rectangle of craft felt (the single small rectangles they sell at craft stores) in a color that complements your yarn. Matching sewing thread and needle. Yarn needle. A pair of hoop purse handles. Random stuff to trim your purse with (a brooch, ribbon, a patch, etc.)

Gauge: about 3 stitches per inch in st stitch. Row gauge unimportant.

CO 32 stitches. Work in st stitch for 18 inches. Bind off.

Fold one skinny end of your knitted rectangle over one of your hoop handles, and attach by sewing down your folded flap to the wrong side of your knitted rectangle.

Repeat with the other end of your knitted rectangle.

Fold your purse in half, forming the actual purse/pouch part. Fold your felt rectangle in half so that it can form the lining to your purse. Make sure that the felt will fit properly.

Sew up the sides of the purse, making sure to leave a 1 to 2 inch bit at the end, so that you can part the handles enough to get something in the purse.

Similarly sew up the sides of your felt rectangle, leaving a slightly larger bit at the end unsewn (so that, again, you can open the purse) than you did for the outer purse.

Sew the lining in.

Embellish as you see fit.

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