Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tutorial: Snazz up your fridge

Does snazz have two z's? Anybody?

So this is the easiest project ever.

Marble Magnets

Clear glue (like gemtac) with a brush to apply it
Random little pictures you don't mind cutting up (you can print them off the computer)
Clear glass marbles, that are flat on one side (you can find them in the florists section at most craft stores)

Place your marbles on the pictures flat side down and trace around them with a pencil.
Cut out your traced shapes
Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the marble, then glue your picture to it, so that it can be seen through the round side of the marble. Repeat with all your pictures (duh).
Wait for these to dry, then glue on magnets to the back.

Invade your fridge!

Another variation: Necklace charm


Same as above, but now you need a safety pin, a hot glue gun, and a little bit of felt, and you don't need a magnet. Unless you want this charm to be multi-purpose, but then I'd keep it away from your magnetic sensitive electronics. :)

Do the same as above, except skip the magnet step. Instead, hot glue a safety pin to the back of the marble, flat so that the little ring part sticks up above the edge (this is going to be the hole through which you string the necklace). Then hot glue a piece of felt on over this, so the back is all covered up and finished like.

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