Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Movie Review: So awesome!

I saw Good Night, and Good Luck on Saturday night. It was amazing. I would probably have to insert it into my Best of 2005 list between Crash and Pride and Prejudice. The performances were perfect, and the direction was very natural. The story structure was very organic, making it seem almost more like a documentary. Kudos to George Clooney. David Strathairn deserves an Oscar, in my opinion. He just WAS Edward R. Murrow.


beth said...

glor - check me out! i was crafty!

Glor said...

Go you, Beth! The shirt looks great! Check out the StencilXcore LJ community for some hardcore stencilers (the lj for Stencilry). Do you have a craftster username? Tell us, so that Michelle and me can stalk you! (Mine is Quincy134, of course.)