Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let's try that again

I frogged Something Red. I decided to try to make myself a jacket without using a pattern. I wanted a notched collar, but I didn't really have any other vision for the project. So I decided to just cast on for the collar and go with it. After I started rolling, I realized that this may end up looking a bit like a top-down raglan version of Kim Hargreaves new pattern, Thea. That is totally cool with me, as I like the look of that. Plus, if I run out of yarn, I can opt for the short sleeve version Ms. Hargreaves has so kindly already worked out. I'm debating what sort of shaping I'm going to use and whether I should do a back vent or not. I would probably edge the whole thing in seed stitch if I did (as opposed to ribbing along the bottom). We shall see, I guess.

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