Friday, November 10, 2006

Shawl Update

I managed to get an okay picture of the border on Highland Triangle #1. It's going alright, but the knitting is getting a little mindless now. I liked the center stitch pattern better. I've got 2.5 more repeats of this chart to go, and then I have the bind off edging.

In other news, I am waiting for Matlab to run through my code for an econometrics problem set. Matlab is the slowest program I have ever used. It even takes forever to start up. Now I'm getting it to run some Monte Carlo experiments, and waiting for it to crash my computer. I was driving through Framingham last weekend, and we passed the Mathworks building (the company who makes Matlab, you may have heard them mentioned on NPR as a sponsor). I thought about pulling over and giving them a piece of my mind. Except it was Friday night and no one would have been there to hear my rant. But the idea seemed like a good one at the time.


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Leave me and matlab alone!