Thursday, December 07, 2006

So Many Stitches

I am working on the bind off for Highland Triangle #1. It's taking forever, because it involves making this pointed edging as you bind off. But I like the look of it. Hopefully I will have it done soon!

In other news, I have been sewing some more. I decided to try to confine most of the sewing chatter to my lj, Feel free to visit!

The semester is almost over here at Harvard, which means it's crunch time. I will have one final during January (Harvard has it's official exam time after Christmas), but I will have one on December 20th too. So I'm off to study!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, that Highland triangle is looking really beautiful - can't wait to see it done. Good luck on your finals!

Gloria said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

I'm tagging you to post weird things about yourself. Check out my blog if your interested.