Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's Raining

I'm sitting at my desk in the economics department (somehow the grad students got the short straw and are relegated to the basement) listening to the freezing rain/hail mixture that is coming down outside. That's right, it's the end of the spring semester, and I'm in full-on disaster mode. Work, work, work.... I am sorry I've been so laggard in posting lately, but unfortunately school comes first.

But, I do have some knitting plans! I started in on the border for Highland Triangle #2, but somehow I managed to pick up the wrong number of stitches. I was way off. I haven't gotten up the courage to start into that again. However, I do still have all that yummy Pure Merino for the Nantucket Jacket. Maybe it's swatch time?

And PS--thank you all for your kind birthday wishes!


elizabeth marley said...

I'm with you on the school thing. It really makes this time of year suck--all I ever want to do is go out and play in the nice spring weather.

Well, not this spring, but I remember springs that contained actual spring.

Gloria said...

Yes, I guess the up side is that I'm not tempted to shirk work and go hang out in the sunshine!