Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lace adventures

When I visited my parents for Christmas, I finally had room to block out my Highland Triangle shawls. They are just too big for me to do it in my apartment. (I don't have the floor space.) I picked up some aluminum hanging wires from Home Depot (look in the lighting fixture section). Then I threaded these through the points in the shawl edging. The wires helped me a lot in blocking the shawls out evenly.
As for my Shetland Triangle, I almost finished it over Christmas, but then my mother started complaining about how she thought it was too small. This complaint was raised when I had already begun the edging. As a result, I really had to work at pulling the edging out and ripping back. I ended up threading some sewing thread through a row right before the edging and using that as a lifeline. Now I've added another repeat of the body chart, and I may add another.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so I've been to 2 home depots and lowes, and no hanging wires. Well, they had something similar, but at 3 feet long, it's hardly worth it--3 per side for a longer scarf???
Do I need to go to Rochester to find these?