Saturday, September 30, 2006


Nothing much going on here. I am waiting for an internet order of yarn to come in so I can start my next project. So I have just been crocheting a little bit. I've got a long weekend because all of my professors are Jewish and observe Yom Kippur.

I did read the next book in the Edwardian Mystery series by Marion Chesney, A Hasty Death. It feels like reading a story outline. Chesney doesn't bother to elaborate on ANY plot points. She just zips from one place to the next. It's really, really weird. One minute Rose and Harry, our protagonists, are breaking out of an insane asylum. The next they are at a country house party. Ten pages later they are confronting a crazed murderer. Because of this ADD-style, the characterization suffers. This is a shame, because the characters were the best part of the first entry in the series, Snobbery With Violence. Now I'm not sure what to expect from the next installment. These books are short (~200 pages), so I don't mind giving another a try. I just hope Chesney will slow down and take a breath in the next one. I would give this a 5.


KnitXcorE said...

it sounds exciting but hard to follow... who would you compare the style to?

Gloria said...

I would say these books are like most other short "cozy" style British mysteries (ie the format is about amateur detectives and the books are about 200 pages long). But on crack. Honestly, I wouldn't have bothered to keep reading these except that I found a bunch at the library, so now I have them sitting next to my bed. I'm too lazy to go look for another book.