Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Day at the TD Banknorth Garden, 20 July 2009

I saw Green Day (with opening act The Bravery) last night. I have gone to see them in the past, but the last time was a little over 7 years ago. I was impressed with their performance. They were just as good as I remembered them, with better production values (they were not as flashy on the previous tours I saw them, probably because they weren't as popular at that time). Billie Joe was, as usual, very into audience interaction, calling up three people to sing Longview and another kid to play guitar on Jesus of Suburbia (which is quite an ambitious song to try that with, btw). Their set was of good length too, over 2 hours, I believe. Much longer and I would have collapsed from too much dancing! Plus, The Bravery was also impressive, with the lead singer really delivering melodic, energized vocals. He did have a weird habit of sitting down on the stage or facing backwards while singing, which looked odd on an arena stage. But it made me want to buy an album by them, regardless. I'll check out their itunes offerings tonight.

The Boston Globe review is here.

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