Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter 6 (Half-Blood Prince)

You know what the problem is with the Harry Potter movies? They've been coming out forever. By the time they all come out, a decade (give or take) will have gone by. There's nothing per se wrong with this, but it means that I never remember everything that happened before when I go to the theater for the current installment. I could fix the problem by watching them all again before each new release, but that would mean subjecting myself to the sketchiness of the early movies. I nearly fell asleep in the theater during the first one. I also don't own all of them (only movie 5). And reading the books in a marathon session beforehand, like my husband sometimes does, probably won't help either. Then I'll start focusing on all the little (and big) things they changed to translate the stories to film, which will also annoy me.

Leaving aside this fuzzy memory feeling, Harry Potter 6 was a good experience. The movie was exciting most of the way through (though it was a bit episodic), and Daniel Radcliffe turns in a solid performance. They got really lucky in casting him, since there wasn't a lot of evidence he could act in movie 1. He happens to have matured into a dependable performer.


pins&needles said...

I thought it was good, but this is also coming from someone who has not read the books. My friend, who has read all the books and enjoys them well, thought the movie gave the good teen-angst feeling that the book had and was impressed. All in all, I agree.

addi knitting said...

My kids got me started on these movies and books and of course they now have outgrown it. But I want to see the movies and see how they end compared to the books.